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Currency Trading Tips

In the book New Market Wizards Jack Shwager interviews some of the top traders and it really is an excellent book, along with Market Wizards. These books should be on every serious traders reading list and the chapter I want to look at here is - a short one on Zen and Trading which might sound a bit wacky but if you understand it, you can trade for bigger profits with less risk and less effort.  

This currency trading tip is related to another which we consider one of the best of all which is patience so what is the best trade in currencies, keeping patience is a key trait for any trader to obtain currency trading success in mind? The clue is perhaps obvious but for those of you who have not guessed it, here is the best currency trade, for most of the time in any currency pair. 

 This Forex trading tip is all about having a flexible strategy and while I believe there is a place for computers in Forex trading, the worlds best traders all have a flexible view of the markets, they have rules of trading but they see each trading signal they place as unique and the best currency trading tool of all is to use your brian in a flexible way and you will Beat any computer.

Most Forex traders lose money and its a whopping 95% and here we want to give you 6 strategies the professional Forex traders use to not only increase profits but reduce risk at the same time - so let's take a look at them in more detail.

Which is the best currency pair to trade? In this article we will look at the criteria on choosing the best currency to trade and give you some insight on how to make bigger profits from your FX trading portfolio.

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