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Currency Book Reviews

More than a century after it was written, this book is still an essential read for investors who look up to the financial institutions to manage their money wisely. The book is funny and true and if you do think your bank or broker, offer good advice this book will put you straight.

 Forex trading is a battle where only the strongest survive and in this book ex-soldier and trader Dean Lundell shows you, how to apply legendary General Sun Tzu's tactics to win at trading.

 This is one of our favourite investment books and is in our top 10 investment books and here we will give a quick review of Trader Vic Methods of a Wall Street Master which we consider an investment classic.

 This book is simply one of the greatest investment books ever written. While this might sound surprising, as it deals with losses rather than profits, contains no trading strategy it doesn't matter - Why? Because it gives you, a unique insight into losing and how to avoid it. Let's review the book in more detail.

Michael Lewis book Liars poker is one of the most entertaining, investment books ever written and the book is based on the authors experience of life on Wall Street in the late 1980s. Lewis gives an entertaining insight into the murky world of investment banking and how young men, were paid huge salaries to give their so called investment wisdom.

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