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Currency Trading Courses

Here we will look at the popularity of Forex day trading courses and also look at why traders still buy them despite the fact the methodology is destined to wipe out their trading accounts. 

 BK Forex advisors offer trading education and a signals service but is it good or is it a scam?.Thes site  is run by Kathy Lien and Boris Schlossberg, both who both appear regularly on CNBC, other major TV channels. They  are also quoted  in business newspapers and on news sites and finally, they have both authored several  trading books between them.

In terms of currency trading courses, the Velocity Breakout Method (VBM) course has been available online for over 6 years, was first developed in 1989 and sold to the public in 1996. In terms of sales, it now tops 10,000 buyers and is an old school trading course and is simple to learn and apply.  

Here we are going to look at the Disciplined Trader website from Norman Hallet, who focuses on the most important aspect of achieving trading success which is - having the disciplined mindset to follow a trading plan to achieve long term profits – sounds easy? No its not. 

While most new traders buy the endless stream of Forex robots which promise financial freedom with no effort, the serious trader knows they need an education and to learn the basics of Forex trading Success. There are courses you can buy to help you get the right education and one of them is Nial Fullers price action trading course so is it a worthwhile purchase? Lets take a look at this Forex course and trading system in more detail.

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