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Currency Trading Strategy

Here I am going to lokok at how to strip down your Forex trading strategy so its simple to understand use and apply and can be traded in the market for maximum profit with very little effort.

If you have a Currency trading strategy, you will of course have to have trading signals to enter and exit the market and below, we have outlined some rules for entry and exit from trades which can help minimize losses and also increase the overall profitability of your trading system. 

Breakouts are a great way to get in on big trends and big moves but there are far more that fail than those that follow through into big trends and here, we will look at how to use a strategy based upon false breakouts.

The Forex rubber band strategy is one of the simplest and easy to understand strategies in Forex trading and takes advantage of extreme overbought or oversold levels, to initiate a contrary trade against the trend and try to catch the turn of the market - so why have I called it the rubber band method ? 

Here we will look at a simple Forex trading strategy which is based on trading the weekly charts and focuses on the big trends. You will use the weekly chart and then combine it with the daily chart to generate trading signals – This strategy is very simple to understand and use and while it doesn't trade that often, it can make big long term profits.

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