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Currency Trading Techniques

In terms of trading techniques, Fibonacci retracements are one of the most popular but do they work and do they make consistent profits? In this article, we will look at this aspect of Fibonacci trading in more detail - so you can decide, if you should use them in your trading plan.

Candlestick charts are the oldest form of charting and were originally used in the 1700s in Japan and while they were popular in Japan, they only became popular in the West in the 1990s but there popularity has grown and there now far more popular than bar charts.

 Should you use candlestick charts or should you use a simple bar chart? In this article, we will answer this question and look at the advantages of Candlestick charts and also, some limitations of the this method of market analysis.

In this article, we will look at channel trading systems which are a great way to trade Forex markets. The methods we will look at here are easy to understand, have confidence in and work long term, to get the odds on your side for bigger profits Let's look at a Forex channel strategies in more detail. 

Bill William basic way of trading is to postulate that fundamental or technical analysis cannot guarantee long term profitability because they simply don't see the real factors that move the market studied. Furthermore, Bill William also thinks that most traders lose because they rely on forms of analysis which became ineffective in non linear dynamic models - the real market. So lets look at Chaos theory as defined by Bill Williams and his strategy for Forex trading success.

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