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Currency Trading Tips

What makes a great trader? In my view it has nothing to do with trading strategy ( anyone can learn a strategy which can make money) but the key to making money is to move away from the crowd think for yourself, be objective and have reasoned judgement. Well if you believe the same, you will find much to inspire you in her work.

The Special Air Service (SAS) are probably, the most famous and respected of all the elite, military combat units in the world. There trained to take on special missions and there skills, like the skills of any other elite combat unit, are very applicable to Forex trading - so let's look at how they can help you trade currency markets like a pro trader.

While taking losses and keep them small is essential to currency trading success, you also need to run profits far enough on your trading signals to cover your losses. As you are likely to have more losing trades than ones that win, maximizing profits on the ones that do go in your favour is essential. Here are some tips on when to take profits on your trading signals. 

In this article will will look at some Forex trading traps which cause the majority of traders to lose. Thee are set ups which see most traders lose and others fail to make profits, with their trading signals but these traps are easy to avoid and you can make profits from them, you just have to do what the opposite of most Forex traders do so let's take a look them. 

What separates a good trader from a truly great trader? We all know the usual tips for currency trading success which are cut your losses, run profits, be patient and be disciplined but there are traders who are not just good – there the best of the best so what makes them, the greatest traders and how do they get such good returns with their trading strategies? Let's take a look.

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