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Currency Trading Basics

 In this article, we will try and answer one of the questions, which we are most frequently asked which is – what is the best way to trade currencies for Profit. Let's take a look at the concept of the best methods in Forex trading in more detail.

Here I want to look at the advantages, of keeping a Forex trading journal and how, it can help you achieve greater discipline, help you keep track of performance and improve your overall trading performance.

 Here we will look at the truth about the Forex trading industry and it's very different to the public perception of what trading success is all about so why don't traders believe what is clearly true? Lets take a look at the reality of currency trading.

Many of the world's Central banks are involved in monetary stimulus measures and the world Quantitative easing is used to describe it and the Bank of England, Federal Reserve and Bank of Japan, are some of the banks using it but what is it and how does it work? Let's take a look at the pros and cons, of QE in more detail.

All traders at some point look at a chart and see a formation they know they know they should act on but for various reasons, they simply don't take the trading signal and stay on the sidelines – what happens next? The trade goes exactly the way the trader thought it would and is in profit but the trader is sitting there and thinking what might have been. 

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