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Currency Trading Brokers

Dukascopy is a Swiss Forex broker which started out in Geneva, Switzerland and now has an international presence particularly in Eastern Europe.

In this article,we will look at the 3 different types of broker and see how they differ in terms of structure and which is the best type of broker to trade your account with.

Most currency trading brokers, will have services or offers which they know, will help clients lose money and this applies to both regulated and unregulated brokers. You need to avoid the services we will look at in this article, to win at currency trading so let's take a look at them.

Here we will look at the subject of the best Forex brokers for day traders and scalpers and reveal the truth about why FX brokers love day traders and how they help them lose money and I am not talking about stop hunting either – the way they help them lose is much more subtle and you need to be aware of the the pitfalls of dealing with brokers when day trading which we will look at in this article. 

Social networks are huge online where traders can swap ideas on a variety of subjects discuss trading strategies and hopefully, become better traders. We are now seeing this taken a step further where Forex traders can follow other traders in the network automatically.

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