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Currency Trading Tips

 Here I will give the most important currency trading lessons I have learned from trading the foreign exchange markets for 25 years.

In this article, I want to give you the best currency trading advice which I have learned over 25 years trading the markets. This advice is based on experience and when trading Forex, experience is the best trading teacher of all. This is because, you can't learn many of the skills you need for trading success until feel them.

 This Forex trading tip focuses on the game of Chess and how a understanding of it, can help you achieve trading success. Lets look at what you can learn from the game in terms of achieving trading success.

 Affirmations work in life and they also work in currency trading. Daily affirmations are a powerful way to improve your results and your life so lets take a look at how to use them to get bigger trading profits.

 Winning at Forex trading is very similar to winning at the card game Blackjack. In this article, we will look at how achieving success in Forex trading, requires the same skills as the ones you need to win at Blackjack.

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