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Currency Trading Indicators

Trading fractals as Forex trading technique has become very popular among traders and the logic behind trading them is simple - Fractals essentially break down bigger trends into simple and predictable reversal patterns which can be traded for profit – so lets take a look at fractal FX trading methods in greater detail.

The flash point Forex indicator is a name I had heard a few times and many traders have asked me to take a look at it as its supposed to be - one of the best indicators for better market timing but guess what? I was surprised, when I searched Google to find I couldn't find much about it at all, so I looked around and tried to find out more about this market timing indicator.

The Slow Stochastic applies smoothing to the Stochastic oscillator, to reduce volatility and improve signal accuracy. The concept is to make the stochastic less sensitive to generating false signals in choppy trading conditions. Lets take a look at the slow stochastic which is one of the most popular currency trading indicators in more detail.

The Average True Range Indicator ( ATR) was developed by J. Welles Wilder, who is credited with developing some of the most important technical indicators of all time including – The Relative strength Index RSI, the Average Directional Movement ADX indicators and Parabolic Time and the ATR is an other important Wilder technical volatility indicator which was introduced in his classic work – New Concepts in Technical Trading – Lets look at the indicator in more detail.

Developed by Larry Williams and first revealed in a 1985 as an article written for Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities magazine, the ultimate oscillator can be a useful indicator in generating buy and sell signals and also warning of divergences and is a popular indicator with stock, commodity and Forex traders.

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