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Currency Trading Strategy

How often should you check prices and when is the best time to trade currencies? In this article we will look at the advantages of trading end of day data over trading intra Day and after reading this article, you will see why we consider this the best time to trade currencies and why a currency trading strategy based on trading this time period, can make you such big profits.

Its the biggest report of the economic calendar in the US and it comes on the first Friday of each month, when the labor department realize non farm payroll figures. I see numerous traders who trade it, systems that trade it but which system or strategy, should you use when trading non farm payroll? Lets take a look at non farm payroll trading strategy.

In the 1920s Ralph Nelson Elliott started to work on the theory which bears his name – Elliot Wave theory and published it in the book He published his theory in the book called the The Wave Principle. Today many traders believe Elliot wave Forex trading is the best Forex trading strategy but is it and should you consider it?

The term High-Frequency Trading (HFT) basically means “trading with an emphasis on speed”. A HFT systems can process information in under a second making it far quicker than a human. High frequency Forex trading is the big buzz word in currency markets at present - but is it a good strategy to use and how effective is it at making profits? Let's take a look at high frequency algorithm trading in more detail.

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