Based in Australia, Nial Fullers website is packed with free info and not the normal over hyped "Forex trading is easy or you will make money with no effort" message. Nial's site is full of lots of good Forex education including, how to use trading charts, price action trading strategies and reflections on trading psychology and mindset.

Forex Education for Free

You can buy the Forex course on Nial's site If you visit the site, you will notice that you get a ton of information for free from trading strategies, to tips on money management and discipline. Just like, the site  gives any trader some good and useful info for free. Any new trader should check out these sites tom  get an idea on the basics on Forex trading, methods of trading and an insight into trader psychology. 

Philosophy of Trading

What we like about Nial Fuller is he comes over as a sensible and level headed sort of guy, no get rich quick nonsence just good sound advice. The video (which is on the front page of the website) is well worth looking at and gives any new trader an insight, on what it really takes to achieve Forex trading success. It will actually give you the basics of what it takes to become a successful Forex trader and focuses on discipline, money management and keeping FX trading simple.

We publish a Forex course ourselves so would agree all the above points. To many FX traders want to beat the market and buy automatic Forex robots or signal services and hope will work like clockwork, to give them an income with no effort but they end up dissapointed and really should be focusing on get an FX education which is the only to make money trading FX Markets. You have to think and have confidence in the tools your using so you can trade with discipline and confidence. You have to have discipline and confidence to stick to your trading plan and make big FX profits long term – now onto the course...

The Course

The Forex course costs $337.00 and while it's not cheap but it will pay for itself many times over, if you digest the material, practice and apply it with discipline. Personally we like Nial's FX course because you can understand the logic of it and its based on longer term chart frames NOT day trading. We have always maintained that scalping and day trading. We have always said these strategies are just a great way to lose money in the markets and to win, you should either follow long term trends or swing trade moves for a few days. Nial seems of the same view and we couldn't agree more - its a strategy for losers.

I Have seen both positive and negative comments from buyers but a look at the negative comments, shows all of the traders posting them, seem to indicate they just want to make money with no effort and just want to blame someone for the failure of their Forex trading strategy. In Forex trading, you get out of it  what you put into it and its up to any trader to learn a course and then apply the tools in their own way. Nial's strategies are based on price action are simple, logical and will put the odds on your side and that's what you need, to do to become a successful Forex trader from home.

Final Word

If you want some good free Forex education is well worth a visit .If you like the free Forex info, consider buying the course. If your the type of person, who is motivated and understands that you need to learn your art to win then, the course could be a worthwhile purchase. You get plenty of free info including price action trading videos and general info on now to trade currency markets for profit.