Best Currency Traders

In 1988, Stanley Druckenmiller joined George Soros to help manage the Quantum Fund and is well known for one of the biggest trades in Forex the trade which "broke the Bank of England" giving a profit in just one day of over one billion dollars.

Linda Bradford Rascke began her professional trading career in 1981 and one of the most successful female traders around and one of the most well known. Today, Her managed Hedge Fund performance is ranked in the top 2% by Barclay's Hedge Fund Index. Here we will look at her trading philosophy and strategy and why she is successful. 

Michael Covel is one of the best known of the turtle traders, who were taught by Richard Dennis to trade and went on to achieve worldwide fame, for their performance with the long term trend following turtles trading rules. Michael Covel is one of the best traders to learn from so let's review his trading thoughts, books and his excellent new film in more detail.

Here we will look at Turtle trader Curtis Faith and also review his best selling book “The Way of the Turtle” which should be required reading by any serious Forex trader.

If you want to win at trading you should Ed Seykota trading strategies because he simply one of the best traders of all time and will show you how to become a successful trend follower and catch all the biggest and best trends and of course profits.