Best Currency Traders

 We have written about the Turtle experiment on this site but here we want to focus on Richard Dennis view of it, achieving trading success and get an insight in to what makes him one of the top traders of all time.

William Eckhardt was Richard Dennis business partner and he challenged Dennis, to prove trading could be taught which he did with the famous Turtle experiment. Here we will look at Eckhard's views on trading and what you can learn to increase your trading profits.

 Ray Dalio is head of world's biggest hedge fund firm, Bridgewater Associates which has around $130 billion in assets and in an industry which is known for poor performance and wipe outs his Hedge fund has a solid performance.

 What is outstanding about Trout is his return to drawdown and in the book The New Market Wizards, Jack Shwager noted that he had a compound return over 5 years was 67% but his largest downside fall was just 8%. This is astonishing, in terms of a managed money track record which very few money managers (if any) can match. 

On the 16th of September 1992 “Black Wednesday” occurred which showed the power of Forex speculation, when legendary investor George Soros and manager of the Quantum Fund placed a $10 billion bet against the U.K. pound and won.