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Trade Forex for a Living From Home

This video discusses how to trade Forex for a living from home - its the dream of many traders but can it be done? This video gives you the answers ...

Trading fractals as Forex trading technique has become very popular among traders and the logic behind trading them is simple - Fractals essentially break down bigger trends into simple and predictable reversal patterns which can be traded for profit – so lets take a look at fractal FX trading methods in greater detail.

The flash point Forex indicator is a name I had heard a few times and many traders have asked me to take a look at it as its supposed to be - one of the best indicators for better market timing but guess what? I was surprised, when I searched Google to find I couldn't find much about it at all, so I looked around and tried to find out more about this market timing indicator.

The term High-Frequency Trading (HFT) basically means “trading with an emphasis on speed”. A HFT systems can process information in under a second making it far quicker than a human. High frequency Forex trading is the big buzz word in currency markets at present - but is it a good strategy to use and how effective is it at making profits? Let's take a look at high frequency algorithm trading in more detail.

Here we will look at trading currencies on the Internet, from the point of new traders in terms of what you need to do to win and the common mistakes, you need to avoid, let's look at Internet currency trading in more detail.

So who are the elite 5% of Forex traders who win and what sets them apart from the 95% of traders who lose money quickly at Forex trading? Contrary to popular belief the winners are not all computer nerds or big hedge funds and in this article, we will look at who they are and how they manage to achieve currency trading success.