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Trade Forex for a Living From Home

This video discusses how to trade Forex for a living from home - its the dream of many traders but can it be done? This video gives you the answers ...

If you want to win at trading you should Ed Seykota trading strategies because he simply one of the best traders of all time and will show you how to become a successful trend follower and catch all the biggest and best trends and of course profits.

I read the secret of the Gamboni 25 years ago, in the excellent book Trader Vic Methods of a Wall Street Master it made me smile then and still does, although its simple it's very true. Lets look at the secret of the Gamboni and some other words of wisdom from a true trading great Victor Sperandeo.  

Most Forex traders lose money and its a whopping 95% and here we want to give you 6 strategies the professional Forex traders use to not only increase profits but reduce risk at the same time - so let's take a look at them in more detail.

Its the biggest report of the economic calendar in the US and it comes on the first Friday of each month, when the labor department realize non farm payroll figures. I see numerous traders who trade it, systems that trade it but which system or strategy, should you use when trading non farm payroll? Lets take a look at non farm payroll trading strategy.

I read a lot about Forex brokers hunting stops and helping their clients lose money. This is a common complaint levied against market makers in particular, after all the make money when their client losses but the truth about brokers hunting stops is very different to what most people think.