So what is the flash point indicator and how can it help, Forex traders make bigger profits?

Forex information on the Flashpoint Indicator – the Search

I came across a comment in a Forex forum from a trader, asking for more information about the flashpoint indicator and he said - it looked a lot like the stochastic momentum indicator which was developed by George Lane back in the 1950s and could anyone help? But he got no help at all - so I decided to hunt around for more info.

Is it the Stochastic?

I saw a graph of it, on a a sales site claiming 90% accuracy ETC and it looked just like the stochastic to me ( which I view as one of the best momentum indicators of all time and use it frequently) and hunting around a bit more I found a sales letter which stated:

This 63-Year-Old Market Timing Secret Could Make You Rich

How the "Flash Point" Indicator Could Help You Turn Every $400 into $4,050 By May 30, 201”

I read the copy a bit more and found a reference to the stochastic:

But then...I had a chance encounter with a little-known medical doctor, George Lane.

I'm not surprised if you haven't heard of him”.

I am not sure I agree with the above, anyone in Forex trading and trading via technical analysis, will probably have heard of both George Lane and the stochastic indicator which is one of the most popular and effective trading indicators you can use  -The copy continued:

But when it comes to trading, he invented something equally brilliant: a market timing indicator that's so powerful and so accurate... a caveman could use it to double... even triple his money overnight”

It looks like the stochastic on the copy, so thought I would go to the order form from Cross Currency Trader and see how much it actually cost, only to be met with the note “ Offer Closed” 

An Indicator I Could Find Little About but

On the graphs on the sales copy, it looked like the stochastic and of course this was invented by George Lane who they refer too - but could I find any reviews on it good or bad? No. I will look around some more - but if it really is the stochastic, its free anyway and there is no need to pay for it.

Final Words

My only comment would be, as with all Forex copy which tell you that you can double or triple your money overnight – don't believe it. If you could really achieve this , why would anyone bother to sell it? They would be making to much money, with their own Forex trading strategy to want you to buy the system or signal from them.

The Stochastic by George Lane Free and an Essential Forex Profit Indicator

The free stochastic indicator is one of the best timing indicators in Forex if used correctly and will help you enjoy bigger FX profits but a word of warning:

While there is no "holy grail" indicator which works all of the time. The stochastic, has definitely helped meachieve better market timing in FX trading so look it up. The indIcator is free and should be part of any Forex traders essential education.