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Ken Roberts trading system is based around trading global commodity markets although as with any technical system it can be applied to FX trading.

Ken Roberts money making manual is written in an entertaining style and is part about getting what you want from life and reveals his trading strategy. The Ken Roberts trading strategy is very basic and is based primarily on predicting a major top or bottom.

With this type of approach, you are going to be wrong a great deal of the time of course, as there are always potential tops and bottoms which don't hold, Ken Roberts calls his method the 1-2-3 system. The trading strategy is very basic and much of it is free online and another point to keep in mind is – that basing a strategy on picking tops and bottoms, is far riskier than trend following.

Educational Material

Worth Magazine credits Ken with introducing more people to the business of commodity trading than any other single individual through his courses workshops, Chart service and Internet chats and the amount of traders who have learned from his courses probably exceeds a million.

Other Info

Ken taught classes in the California State University System co-sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA). He was a guest instructor at the University of Southern California (USC), was selected to serve on the Presidential Advisory Committee of The Academy of Legal Arts and Sciences, and also served as a Special Advisor to the Board of Directors of Wildlife Images, a rehabilitation and preservation facility for North American wildlife.

A Personal View of Ken Roberts

Ken Roberts is not one of the world's best traders and his trading strategy is to basic and risky in my view but what I will say for Ken Roberts is – after I read his educational material I wanted to trade! His book gave me the motivation to become a trader and made me believe that I could do it and for that, I will be forever grateful to Ken Roberts.

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