Forex Markets – Re Learning Key Life Skills to Win at Forex Trading 

Sun Tzu - The Art of War Tactics Adapted for FX Traders 

Chaos Anarchy and no Rules – Profiting in the Jungle

If you understand the message given in the above two video tutorials, you will see why so many people lose at trading when the fact is – its easy to learn the rules to win. You only need a simple strategy but to win, you must change your view of the markets – there not ordered, their anarchy and chaos, where you have to live by your own rules. You need to know your enemy and know yourself and if you understand this you will win.

The markets are a battle, where you must respond - NOT predict what is going to happen. Predicting is no more than guessing and hoping and that won't get you any profits in the markets. React to what you see, with a simple set of rules you understand and you will win, the battle of Forex trading. Anyone can do it if they want to – it really is that simple.

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