Video 1 -3: Intelligence and Forex Trading Success

This video will explain why intelligence doesnt help in achieving success  and discusses the key simple learned skill you need to win:

Video 2 - 3:The Skill that Can Make You a Winner

In this video we look at the key skill which is needed to win at Forex trading – why most traders fail to understand its significance and how to acquire the vital trait of discipline:

Video 3 -3: Simplify Your Trading Plan and Win

This video tells the true story of how Bruce Lee simplified martial arts techniques in the sixties and made them more effective. Simple trading systems work best in Forex trading and this video graphically shows why:

In Conclusion – ALWAYS Remember These Key Points

The Forex markets cannot be beaten – there is no hidden code order to price movement but you can win if you understand some key points. Simple Systems work best – this is proven by the facts that any advances in technology we have seen over the years have not increased the ratio of winners. The currency markets don't beat the trader – the trader beats himself. The loser fails to understand, that only a simple method is needed to win and also fails to understand, that to make a system win requires mental discipline and control. Education is needed to win but the basics are easy to learn and you can soon acquire a simple trading strategy which can win and if you see Forex trading for what it is which is a simple game of odds where you need the discipline to cut losses quickly and run profits you can win.

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