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EUR/CHF has seen a good move to the upside but we now think a trend reversal is occurring and EUR/CHF is going far lower. Our view of the fundamentals, sentiment and key technical levels to look out for are summarized below.

The DXY has sold off on the view that the Fed will slow the pace of rate hikes but the facts do not suggest this – the market just hopes for a dovish pivot but it wont come in our view and we expect the USD to firm up...

EUR/USD has moved above the 1.00 level as we come into the ECB meeting tomorrow will we continue to the upside? Our view of the fundamentals sentiment and technicals below.

USD/JPY is in a firm-up trend as a hawkish Fed raises rates while the Bank of Japan remains dovish and holds rates below zero. The Bank of Japan meets this week and the market expects there will be no change in terms of the policy so will the Yen continue to fall?

GBP/USD has mounted a major rally to the upside and we are now coming up to major resistance at 1.1600. Will the big 1.1600 hold or break? Our view of the big fundamentals, sentiment, and key technical levels to look out for is below:

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