The VBM is not a training course which tells you to follow others or believe in secrets. Its simply is based on the fact, good trading techniques never go out of date and will always work. Here is a brief introduction to the VBM method of trading. 


When I started in trading in 1987, I worked as a broker and supported several courses online in terms of I would open trading accounts for those who had bought the various training courses and then help them trade. In those days, most retail traders didn't have enough money to trade direct with banks, so they transacted their business on the IMM futures markets and most of the courses we supported traded stock indices, commodities and currencies.

After doing support for several years, I was ready to do my own course and decided that it should be easy to understand, flexible and adaptable. One common thing I had noticed about the courses we supported was - they were were mostly focusing on a set method and very little attention was given to the psychology of trading. There was very little tuition on the emotional side of trading and also, the strategies were set to only one way of trading so we devised a trading course which would cover a number of different trading strategies and also, covered the psychological challenges of trading and how to overcome them.

Logic of the Trading System

The system itself is based around trading long term breakouts and looking at the velocity of price, as the breakout occurs and by looking at the velocity and momentum of price around these turning points, the odds of a breakout continuing can be determined and if there good - a trading signal should be executed.

The system uses a simple pull back method to a “value area”, to get into existing trends by either, buying a pull back in a bull trend or selling a bounce in a bear trend. The system can also be used to trade range bound markets or look for big trend changes, with a simple 3 step process.

All trading signals are generated by divergence of standard indicators around chart levels. So it's a simple chart based system, using standard chart formations with a handful of confirming indicators.

The system can trade any liquid financial market which trends and this includes – stock indices, commodities and of course, currency markets which are probably the best trending markets of all.

Flexibility and Adaptability

The system is flexible and only uses charts and a few indicators but it can be used in 3 different ways – to trade long term trends, swing trade shorter term moves or to take contrary trades. It can be used aggressively or conservatively, depending on the users risk profile.

Being flexible it can be adapted to a traders personality and also there tolerance of risk. One of the hardest things for traders to do it to follow a set of rules which someone else has given them and this has been proved time and time again – traders have difficulty following a system which they have had no input in.

The tools in the course have been used for decades by traders to seek profits and there proven to work but the key to making them work is to take them and integrate them into a trading plan your comfortable with. You can therefore take the system and match it a trading style, you are comfortable with and this will make it easier to follow through periods when it has trading signals which generate a period of losses.

Additional Services

In addition to the trading course method, we also do daily round ups of the news driving the trends and also key support and resistance levels to look at and trade off to enter trading signals. This allows any course buyer to see how we are seeing the price action and also where we enter and exit trades and we focus on both daily and weekly charts.

We also do regular trading seminars and seminars and feel that seminars are a great way to learn FX trading and you offer a personal and exciting way to learn currency trading. People like to know who is giving the mentoring and want to meet to the person behind the system – see how they think, their trading experience and also their overall philosophy of trading. We don't do a lot of trading seminars but when we do, we find them rewarding and hope the traders who attend do too.


With the training course, we offer unlimited support by email and will normally, answer all queries within 24 hours. For those who need additional training and coaching, we offer this service as an extra mentoring service which is is tailor made to each individual traders requirements.

The Secret of Currency Trading Success

The secret of currency trading success cannot be bought from another trader – we learned this over 25 years ago and you need to learn it too. We took our system from other great traders and made it our own and if you do the same, then you will have a method to trade currency markets with confidence which will lead you to currency trading success.

Is ours the best currency trading course? This is for others to decide and not us but what we would say is - that over the years we have been teaching, we have produced many traders who have gone on to become professional traders and many, who have set up a lucrative trading business from home.

Does everyone who uses our course make money? Of course not but as we make clear – trading is a very personal experience and it's up to every trader, to turn the currency education taught into a strategy which they are comfortable with. We wouldn't say it's the best currency trading course (as we wrote it) but we do think, its one of the best in terms of teaching the right knowledge and right way to trade. If you like what you have read so far you can try our currency trading risk free for 60 days and see, if it can help you become a successful Forex trader from home.