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I read the secret of the Gamboni 25 years ago, in the excellent book Trader Vic Methods of a Wall Street Master it made me smile then and still does, although its simple it's very true. Lets look at the secret of the Gamboni and some other words of wisdom from a true trading great Victor Sperandeo.  

Paul Tudor Jones II is seen as one of the all time great traders and formed the Tudor Investment Corporation, a multi-billion dollar hedge fund...

Mark Weinstein is known as the “high percentage trader” and achieved a high profile, after his interview in the classic investment book - Market Wizards. Not really a Forex trader but that doesn't matter, in terms of his trading strategy it's applicable to all markets and he has some good solid trading advice, you can incorporate in your trading plan. Let's look at Mark Weinstein trading strategy in more detail.

Bruce Kovner made profits of over $300 million in 1987 alone and compounded a staggering 87% annually, over a 10 year period and is rightly, seen as one of the best traders of all time. Lets take a look at Bruce Kovner's trading strategy in more detail...

Bill Lipschutz was the biggest currency trader in the world during the 1980s and in his eight-year career with Salomon Brothers, he generated more than half a billion dollars in profits trading currencies.