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Trade Forex for a Living From Home

This video discusses how to trade Forex for a living from home - its the dream of many traders but can it be done? This video gives you the answers ...

How risky is Forex trading? If you look at the statistics you will see that 95% of retail currency traders lose their money and of course there are risks trading currencies as there are in any speculation but if you understand the risks you can win.

Many people think that you learn a trading method and then simply start trading and win but its a fact it can take a long time to learn to trade successfully and many of the worlds top traders, were wiped out many times before achieving success– so let's look at our trading tip on why perseverance is a key character trait you need to win.

In this article, I am going to look at the basics of successful money management in Forex trading which will give you, a solid base of protection on which you can you build long term profits on. Let's look at the essential, money management basics for bigger profits in more detail.

Here we will look at 6 x money management mistakes which are made by traders which will not only slash profits, they can also wipe out trading account equity quickly so let's look at the key errors traders make in more detail.

In the video tutorials below, we will focus on the skills all successful traders have which are to trade their trading plan with, belief, confidence and discipline. Always remember, if you don't trade a plan with discipline you don't have one.