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Trade Forex for a Living From Home

This video discusses how to trade Forex for a living from home - its the dream of many traders but can it be done? This video gives you the answers ...

There have been several Forex trading robots which claim to be using advanced artificial intelligence in there software and some claim, more than 95% accuracy in there trading signals - so what is artificial intelligence , can it be applied to Forex trading and can it help you make bigger profits – Let's find out.

Anyone who wants to become a better currency trader should study Dow Theory, because it's one of the most important and influential theories in technical analysis. Understand it and apply it and you will make bigger currency trading profits.

Here our currency trading tip is concerned with building your own currency trading system and we are going to give you a simple one you can use right now for bigger profits. Lets build a simple currency trading system for bigger profits.

Max Gunther's father, was one of the original speculators who devised the Axioms and they made huge money using them and so did Max Gunther; he made his first trade at the age of 15 and continued to profit from them and you can too. The axioms are all about taking risk and actually enjoying it! Most traders are so afraid of risk, they actually end up creating it and the book focuses on the obvious – to make money, you need to take calculated risks...

Victor Sperandeo also known as "Trader Vic" is considered one of the true trading greats having over 40 years experience in the stock, bond, futures, commodities, and currencies. He was acknowledged as one of the true trading greats when he was a 2008 Inductee into the Trader Hall of Fame by Traders Magazine and has been nicknamed the “Ultimate Wall Street Pro”