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Trade Forex for a Living From Home

This video discusses how to trade Forex for a living from home - its the dream of many traders but can it be done? This video gives you the answers ...

I read a lot about Forex brokers hunting stops and helping their clients lose money. This is a common complaint levied against market makers in particular, after all the make money when their client losses but the truth about brokers hunting stops is very different to what most people think.

While most new traders buy the endless stream of Forex robots which promise financial freedom with no effort, the serious trader knows they need an education and to learn the basics of Forex trading Success. There are courses you can buy to help you get the right education and one of them is Nial Fullers price action trading course so is it a worthwhile purchase? Lets take a look at this Forex course and trading system in more detail.

In the 1920s Ralph Nelson Elliott started to work on the theory which bears his name – Elliot Wave theory and published it in the book He published his theory in the book called the The Wave Principle. Today many traders believe Elliot wave Forex trading is the best Forex trading strategy but is it and should you consider it?

If you have never traded currencies before then a good place to start is babypips.com. The site is rightly popular so here is our babypips,.com review.

Here we will look at neural network trading strategies applied to FX trading, with the view of making a program which lead to bigger trading profits. Lets take a look at neural networks and see,if there application can lead you to bigger profits in Forex trading.